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Director: Andrei Gruzsniczki


Dorian Boguţă
Ioana Flora
Șerban Pavlu
Ioana Talașman
Maria Talașman
Coca Bloos
Medeea Marinescu
Dan Tudor
Ana Ioana Macaria
Liana Mărgineanu

1h 36m – Romania

Zavera by Andrei Gruzsniczki

Shortly after his best friend’s funeral, a fifty-year-old businessman struggles to come to terms with his new life when he is compelled to uncover the secrets and lies he was entangle in. Stefan is a middle-aged businessman who developed a construction business together with his lifelong friend, Nic. After Nic’s suspicious death, being under the pressure of taking over the management of their business, Stefan faces an existential crisis. During the upcoming six days, Stefan gradually uncovers lies and small compromises related to Nic. He is compelled to deal with them to come to terms with his new life.

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