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Director: Laurentiu Damian
Cast: Ştefan Râmniceanu

55 min – Romania – 2016 – PG

MUZEON Stefan Ramniceanu by Laurentiu Damian

Muzeon may be the very island that I have been searching for a long time, in the midst of which there is the labyrinth, the space of an assumed exile” – it is the mode to be of a metaphorical locus, invented and inhabited by the post-modern artist Ştefan Râmniceanu that the artist finds himself, as a mirrored reflexion at the end of the labyrint. A portrait of the artist as an eternally young man through his art, the film is a double invitation: inside the artist’s baroque island full to the brink of forms, chimeras, and colours, but also towards an infinity of rythms and pulsations of Nature, in which the spectator might discover his own possible island, breathing and freedom.
5_Afis MUZEON_Stefan Ramniceanu

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