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Jews for Sale

Director: Radu Gabrea

74m- Romania – 2013 – G

Jews for Sale by Radu Gabrea

An exciting documentary, addressing a unique topic – “up to this day, the largest operation by which a state has sold its own citizens”. In 1974, a Romanian passenger with a diplomatic passport boarded a plane bound for Bucharest airport. The flight went off without incident. But once he arrived in Bucharest, the diplomat realized with horror that one of the suitcases – received from an old acquaintance, shortly before leaving – was missing. The diplomat was General M., head of division at the General Directorate of Foreign Intelligence, the espionage branch of the dreaded “Securitate”. And the acquaintance who had given him the suitcase was Shaike Dan, a high-ranking adviser to several Israeli prime ministers and one of the most respected agents of Israel’s foreign intelligence. The suitcase contained a million dollars, money given to M. to allow a number of Jews to emigrate to Israel. The meeting in Zurich is just one episode in the history of the organization by the Romanian government, during the post-war years, of a certain type of trade in human beings, one of the largest in the twentieth century: the sale of Romanian Jews to Israel.

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