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Director: Valeriu Andriuță


Eugeniu Prisacari

Ecaterina Ladin

Vitalie Bantas

Tudor Andronachi

Ira Verbitskaya

Eliza Bercu

Mia Butnaru

Alexandrina Grecu

Octavian Bordeniuc

Oleg Macovei

Ojo Janet Damilola

22 min – Moldova, Romania – 2020 – G.A.

Dorin is a student. He lives in the country and comes back to the capital to attend an exam for a Bachelor’s degree. Not his own exam but on behalf of someone else. To assume the other student’s identity, he meets his mother to discuss details and negotiate a price. With no place to sleep in the city, he decides to spend the night in his ex-girlfriend’s dorm, who left to Italy. He spends the night with no sleep, while getting drunk and witnessing an attempted rape. Next day, he attends the exam.

I am Dorin

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