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Gruber’s Journey

Director: Radu Gabrea


Florin Piersic Jr.
Marcel Sures
Udo Shenk
Claudiu Bleonț
Alexandru Bindea
Răzvan Vasilescu
Andi Vasluianu
Ionuț Grama
Mihai Gruia Sandu

104 min – Romania – 2008

Gruber’s Journey by Radu Gabrea

On 22 June 1941, Germany and Romania attack Soviet Russia. Several days later, Curzio Malaparte, the Italian writer who would one day pen the novel « Kaputt », a war correspondent for « Corriere de la Sera », arrives in Iasi, in the north of Moldova, on his way to the front, which is nearby. He is incapacitated by a severe allergy and his only chance of recovery is to find a Jewish doctor, an allergologist who had studied in Florence, called Josef Gruber. All his attempts to find him are unsuccessful. While looking for him, Curzio discovers that in Iasi, several days prior to his arrival, a violent anti-Semitic pogrom took place and that a large number of the Jewish citizens of Iasi were deported by train and that Dr Gruber may be among them.
Gruber's Journey

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