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Everything is far away

Director: Emanuel Parvu


Mirela Gorea

Vlad Corbeanu

Radu Gabriel

Maria Radu

Ana Radu

15 min – Romania – 2018 – R


A mother travels a long way from the Danube Delta to Bucharest in order to celebrate her son’s 40th birthday. She goes along with her younger son, a handicaped boy. But she does not announce her visit and when she arrives her son is not at home. She spends time with her son’s neighbour, eats, drinks and has fun, enjoying a substitute of a family which she was hoping to find in her son’s home. After a phonecall she finds out that her son will not come to see her. She wants to go back home but the handicaped boy emerges in a nervous self-distructive crisis. At the end, her older son comes at the bus station and confronts her, telling her the truth about his sour life. She finds out that he only wanted to protect her by not telling the truth, leaving her thinking about love and devotion.
Everything is far away

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