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Director: Anghel Damian


Boy- Răzvan Cristian Tomuș

Father- Adrian Titieni

Shepherd- Costel Cașcaval

23 min – Romania – 2019 – General Audiences

The short film “CELED” (MINION) captures a moment in the life of a 7-year-old boy from Romania, today. The child is brought by his father to a sheepfold and offered as la-bor force – the shepherd’s help, for cheese and other goods. The child has no name in the film, because no one bothers of calling him by his name, neither the father, nor the shep-herd, thus remaining only a part of the contract, exchange for labor. In the first day of service, the child loses a sheep of the 300 he has to manage. He is beaten by the shep-herd, and the father’s arrival to “take” him and pay the damages is imminent. After a white night spent in the barn that serves as a bedroom, the child starts looking for the sheep before the shepherd wakes up. Thus, begins his coming-of-age story.


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