The ROFest.Trends Film Festival aims to bring to Chicago on April 20-22 the newest trends in the Romanian short and feature fiction.
The public will have the chance to watch some of the most acclaimed Romanian movies, while interacting with their actors and directors such as:

Lee Hood, PhD, Associate Professor, Broadcast News, Loyola University Chicago

Lee Hood joined the School of Communication faculty as an Associate Professor in Broadcast Journalism in Fall 2009.

Hood has won two Emmys for her work as a television news producer and a faculty teaching award at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

She has contributed to and edited a book, written a number of book chapters and published a number of articles. During her news career, she has worked at half a dozen television stations, including three of four of Denver’s network affiliates. She also has reported for a newspaper and for radio.

In Fall 2010 Dr. Hood presented her research in media studies and cultural geography focusing on how changes in regulation have changed the oversight and production of local news as part of the SOC Faculty Speaker Series: Notes from the Field.

Mihaela Sîrbu, actress (AFERIM!) – Q&A on Saturday, April 21st, 1pm

Mihaela Sîrbu graduated from Bucharest University with a BA in German Philology and from the National University of Theatre and Cinematography with a BA in the Theatrical Arts – the Art of Acting. She got a PhD in Theatre Studies in 2008.
She worked as an actress at the Jewish Theater and as an independent actress in Romania, Switzerland and Germany; she works as an Associate Professor at the Acting Department of the National University of Theatre and Cinematography and has taught in Germany, at the Athanor Akademie. In 1996, she founded the independent theatre group Teatrul fără Frontiere, where she is both manager and director.

In 2012 Mihaela Sîrbu received Best Actress Award from the Romanian Filmmakers Union for the role of Tanya in ”The Phantom Father”, while she was also awarded with Prix d’Interpretation Janine Bazin at Entrevues International Film Festival Belfort, France, Best Actress Award at Gopo Awards and Best Actress Award from the Romanian Filmmakers Union for Otilia in “Everybody in Our Family”. In 2014 she was again nominated as Best Actress in a Supporting Role at Gopo Awards for Magda in “When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism”, directed by Corneliu Porumboiu. For her role in „Aferim” by Radu Jude she received again the Best Actress Award at Gopo Awards 2016.

Bogdan Mirica – director (Dogs) – Q&A on Saturday, April 21st, 5pm

Up until 2005 Bogdan was a publisher, an advertising writer and a novelist, but he was so passionate about film that he attended Westminster University in London where he majored in screenwriting. After he graduated, he came back to Romania where he worked as a screenwriter.

In 2011, Bogdan wrote and directed his first short lm Bora Bora that earned him the Best European Short Film Award at the Angers Film Festival and the Best Rumanian Short Film at the Transylvania Film Festival. His film was picked by several festivals, including Locarno, Warsaw and Thessaloniki. In 2014, his feature film project Dogs was selected for the Cannes Ciné Fondation Workshop. The same year, he won a grant from the Gan Foundation for Film. Dogs will screen in Un Certain Regard at the 69th Cannes Film Festival.

Constantin Puşcaşu – actor (Eastern Business) – Q&A on Saturday, April 21st, 7.30pm

Constantin Puşcaşu’s passion for theater was born in adolescence. The scene caught his eye when he was watching TV scenes with Toma Caragiu and Amza Pellea. Thus, he made his debut, shortly after the Revolution, as Hamlet in the play ”Do not die at random” by Ion Băieşu, directed by Ion Sapdaru. He played in dozens of plays and the rewards were not delayed. He won the One Man Show in Chişinău for his lead role in Iona by Marin Sorescu. After the theater, he stepped into the world of cinema, his first role being in the Tanti film, directed by Şerban Marinescu, playing with Cosmina Păsărin and Mircea Silaghi. He played an episodic role in Ghost Rider 2, a film starring Nicolas Cage.

In 2016, Igor Cobileanski gave him a part in the distribution of Eastern Business comedy alongside Ion Sapdaru and Daniel Busuioc, for which he also won a Tallinn Black Nights International Film Festival award for Best Actor.

Alexandru Papadopol – actor (Two Lottery Tickets) – Q&A on Sunday, April 22nd, 5pm

Alexandru Papadopol took his degree in the Academy of Theatre and Film from Bucharest in the class of the great professor and actor Dem Radulescu.

He started in 2001 with a main role in the movie “Marfa si Banii” (“Stuff and Dough” ), a production by Cristi Puiu, which launched also the well known “Romanian New Wave”.
Alexandru played several main roles at important Romanian producers, like Cristian Mungiu, Paul Negoescu, Andrei Cohn, Iulia Rugina and others.

He is actor at the ODEON THEATRE from Bucharest, one the most prestigious cultural institutions in Romania.

Hadrian Gavrilutiu – director (Clay Watching) – Q&A on Sunday, April 22nd, 10pm

Gavriluţiu Hadrian was born on September 23, 1986, in the town of Mizil. Since 1989 he lives in Bucharest. In 2005 he graduated from “Petru Maior” high school in Bucharest, humanities and social sciences department. He became a student at the Film School, Film Directing Department of the “UNATC” in 2008, taking his degree in 2011. In 2012 began his Master courses of “UNATC” also in the Film Directing Department, which has finished in 2014.

Signed as film director: “Secret of Bob” (2009), “A Day at the Museum” (2009), “Karmapeaua” (2009), “Brothers” (2009), “Home” (2010, documentary), “Exit” (2011), “Cojocarul din Drăguş” (2011, documentary), “ELISA + “(2013),” Poartă-n casă” (2014),” Clay Watching” (2014 documentary), “Wooden Churches from Harghita County” (2016 documentary) and the follow up “Wooden Churches from Harghita County vol II” (2017 documentary).

Loredana Radu Ph.D., Head of the Communication Department at College of Communication and Public Relations – National University for Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA)

Loredana Radu is Associate Professor, Head of the Communication Department and the Director of the Center for EU Communication Studies at the College of Communication and Public Relations in NUPSPA. Since 2016, she is the Academic Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Module “Patterns of Europeanization in Central and Eastern Europe” (2016-2019). She holds a PhD in Sociology from the National University for Political Studies and Public Administration NUPSPA (Bucharest) and a MBA degree from the CEU Business School (Budapest).

Loredana has an wide experience in managing EU-funded projects, as well as other types of organizational development programs. Her research and professional interests focus on Europeanization (i.e. discursive/narrative construction of Europe), attitudes towards the EU (i.e. euroscepticism, anti- europeanism, extremism, europopulism), project management, evidence-based policy making, and development models.

Dr. Tudor Vlad, Director James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication
Training and Research, University of Georgia

Dr. Tudor Vlad is the Director of the James M. Cox Jr. Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research at the University of Georgia. He also is a Ph.D.coordinator in the Doctoral Program of the College of Communication and Public Relations of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania.
While being in the Cox Center, Dr. Vlad has conducted workshops in Romania, Belarus, Kenya, Republic of Moldova, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, and the United States and has hosted over 70 groups of media experts and educators.

Since June 1998, Dr. Vlad has been a Director for Central Europe of the World Free Press Institute, San Francisco, California. In 2008-2010, Dr. Vlad was a consultant to The New York Times. In 2009, Dr. Vlad was a consultant to the Russian Journalists’ Union (RUJ).

Dr. Vlad has written on assessment of press freedom indicators, evaluation of international media assistance programs, movie history and role in the society, media systems in emerging democracies, media management in post-totalitarian regimes, and journalism and mass communication curricula.

Ciprian Tudor, PhD.

Researcher at ICCV, Romanian Academy.

Associate Professor at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest.

He has an academic background in philosophy, anthropology and visual studies.