Join us on April 20-22 2018 in Chicago for a 100% authentic Romanian experience, told and lived in the progressive American landscape!

RoFest.Trends film festival tells East-side stories. In our movies, the ”Old” and the ”New” combine and collide for creating unique plots, genuine combinations of feelings & experiences.

Powerful yet mild, our ”East-side stories” subtly and positively transform anybody who is ready to engage in the quest for original characters, high-quality sarcasm, and intriguing decisions.

RoFest.Trends calls for Romanian long and short entries teling East-side stories. You can submit your movie here.

Our festival is organized by a handful of enthousiasts and Romanian film lovers . Any contribution will make a difference for us and for our public.
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All visitors are welcome! You can NOW reserve your best seat at ROFest.Trends. Click here for Tickets or Access Pass.

ROFest.Trends Submission period via has ended.

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The ROFest.Trends Chicago 2018 agenda is now online.

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